Graižtvinis pusautomatis Haenel CR6,5

  • Graižtvinis pusautomatis Haenel CR6,5

    2592.50  su PVM
    Rekomenduojama pardavimo kaina: 2592.50 
    3050  Sutaupykite 457.50 
    Yra sandėlyje. Pristatymo terminas: 2-3 d.d.
    Pristatymo terminas: 7-20 d.d. Prekė yra užsakoma iš tiekėjo sandėlio.
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    Ginklai ir šaudmenys parduodami tik atvykus į fizinę parduotuvę ir pateikus visus reikalingus leidimus jiems įsigyti.  

  • Features of the CR rifle 
    • Buttstock. Lightweight, modular and length-adjustable shoulder rest with height-adjustable cheek rest; compatible with AR 15 Mil-Spec. 
    • System. Indirect gas pressure self-loader with firing pin safety. 
    • Handguard. Toolless removable hand guard with mounting rails. 
    • Trigger. Direct trigger with 3.2 kg trigger weight or as match trigger with 1.5 kg. 
    • Magazine. 10-round magazine. Magazine mount compatible with commercially available M4 magazines. Higher magazine capacities available for authorities. 
    • Silencer. Haenel recommends the use of B&T silencers. They are matched to the switchable gas pick-up of CR308 and CR300 and are functionally reliable

    Individuality is possible
    The semi-automatics of the CR class are available in four calibre variants and in different barrel lengths. Due to the compatibility with class standards, it is possible to develop or compile completely individual solutions on the basis of the system platform. Example silencer: The adjustable gas pick-up (all models except CR223) is optimised for use with silencers from B&T (Switzerland), the system partner for suppressors and components. 

    The CR at the police and authorities
    Customers of the police and authorities appreciate the overall package of the sophisticated CR system platform and the customised service. For Haenel, every tender is a development project with the goal of maximum customer satisfaction; for the procurer as well as for the practitioner in the field. 

    The CR in sport shooting
    Quickly, the leading self-loading rifle with its high compatibility to the AR15 class has conquered the hearts of sport shooters. The successful Frankonia Shooting Team also relies on the Haenel self-loader for IPSC shooting. No wonder: Made in Germany, the great adaptability of the rifle and its high precision from the series convince even demanding sportsmen. 

    The CR on the hunt
    Why not? There are those hunters who carry the CR308, CR300 or CR6.5 as a universal, precise and fast hunting weapon. With the universal calibres, almost any game can be hunted and the “Lonesome Hunter” is always perfectly equipped: unconventional, but professional. 

    Long Range: The Haenel CR6.5 uses the calibre 6.5 Creedmoor, a fast medium calibre with a stretched trajectory, which has its justification both in hunting and sport. It is used for far, precise long-range shots – now also from the CR semi-automatic.