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    Ginklai ir šaudmenys parduodami tik atvykus į fizinę parduotuvę ir pateikus visus reikalingus leidimus jiems įsigyti.

  • JAEGER NXT ginklas, su tiesaus užtaisymo spyna, siūlo daug daugiau visko: daugiau greičio pertaisant, daugiau tvirtumo naudojant kasdien, daugiau saugumo ir geresnių pojūčių medžiojant. Patentuota šio medžioklinio šautuvo technologija yra tokia pat įspūdingai paprasta ir saugi, kaip ir jo valdymas. Paprasčiausiai 100 % įtikinamas įrankis, skirtas tykojimui ir pakeliantis medžioklę į aukštesnį lygį – pirmenybę teikiant varyminėms ir medžioklėms sėlinant. 

    Patented innovation: The straight pull repeater with torsion lock 

    Straight pull bolt action rifles are the premium solution for driven hunts. They convince through ergonomics and speed. With a new locking and manual clamping system, Haenel has opened up a new category in this premium world: the torsion lock automatically twists the cylinder in the sleeve. It is based on the principle of the bevel gear. Simple, fast, robust – and yet unrivalled security, because at its core is a tried and tested cylinder lock with locking lugs.

    1: The kickdown bolt handle moves the cylinder linearly and locks at the same time the bolts in the barrel.

    2: In the front third of the push range, the bolt handle then puts the system under tension, making it ready to fi re – a real hand-cocking system, not a fingercocking system. 


    Safe handling 

    The chamber lock slide differentiates with three positions between the safe unloading position, where the system is de-cocked (left), the red firing position in the middle and a safety position (right) for rifle travel which blocks the bolt handle.   

    Sights according to need 

    The standard i-Sight system adapts the muzzle to hunting use. The options: With open sights, without sights and with M15x1 thread for silencer or muzzle brake. The ideal match: the Haenel JGR suppressor from B&T. 

    NEXT GENERATION HUNTING: the sustainable rifle

    Finally a hunting rifle that can serve as a good example! Behind the JAEGER NXT is a well thought-out sustainability concept: a new, lightweight FSC-certified wood compound stock with a noble, characteristic grain that is not inferior to a plastic stock in terms of durability. No ancient walnut tree had to be felled for this stock – it is made of light birch. All plastic parts of the rifle are also made of a sustainable resin-cellulose composite material. And the barrel is a genuine Green Barrel has been specially optimised for the use of lead-free ammunition. The JAEGER NXT is offered with standard or as a DS version stock: optimal for taller and shorter people – especially women appreciate this. In sum, a rifle almost as sustainable as our forest.

    FSC Wood Compound Stock

    A new manufacturing process for environmentally friendly and lightweight composite wood shafts, combines the look and feel of the wood shaft with the robustness of the plastic shaft, without having to cut down an old walnut tree.     

    Plastic – 100% Bio

    Plastic parts? In the JAEGER NXT, they are all made of a composite material of cellulose and tree resin – all natural. The quality and finish of these bioplastics is equivalent to conventional plastics. Only without petroleum. 

    Optimised for lead-free

    The barrel of the JAEGER NXT has been optimised for commercially available lead-free ammunition in calibre .308 Win. Further calibres are in preparation. The rifle is currently available in .308 Win. and .30-06 calibres. and .30-06 calibres. Spring. Lead ammunition can still be used.